Dangerous Dreams

A Story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke

Professional Editorial Reviews

" . . . Rhynard's two compelling tales manage to combine powerful emotionality with thorough research . . . This dynamic, genre-bending tale involving dreams and the Roanoke Colony delivers new discoveries and venerable truths."
Kirkus Reviews
" . . . a story full of convincing period details, fraught with tension and violence, and featuring a strong cast. (BookLife)"
Publishers Weekly
"This book was amazing! I could not put it down...I was utterly enthralled with Emily Colman, the main character of the Lost Colony...I honestly felt like I was there..."
San Francisco Book Review
"An exceptionally well written saga, 'Dangerous Dreams' blends history with fiction to deftly present a compelling and multi-layered story that will hold the reader's rapt attention from beginning to end..."
Midwest Book Review
"...Rhynard rather seamlessly blends his research with his storytelling, which is quite an achievement. He also manages to write dialogue that doesn't though he's trying deliberately to sound antiquated. The characterizations also seem authentic and believable...a book that I...enjoyed a great deal."
Writer's Digest

Reader & Librarian Reviews

"Historical fiction is not always my favorite genre, but Mike Rhynard might have just changed my mind! I absolutely loved this book...The story kept me on the edge of my seat, waiting to find out what was going to happen next. And I appreciated the author's clear efforts to research the events and keep the book as historically accurate as possible...Please read this novel!".
"Energizing can't put the book down, exciting historical fiction."
"Dangerous Dreams has proven out to be a hit with local Book Clubs interested in good fiction. The historical slant is a bonus of rediscovery for readers. The author has created interesting, easily familiar characters to tell a compelling story."
"WOW! What a read! Even though this book is nearly 800 pages, I found myself unable to put it down...The story moves so fast paced that you are on the edge of your seat along for the ride...There are so many plot twists! This historical novel is one that I will forever love...bravo to Mike for making my love even deeper for this legend...With a sheer brilliance and wonder pen, this book is a 5 star read."
“Dangerous Dreams is an amazingly written story that will enthrall readers of all types. The storyline is unique and intriguing. I don’t think I have ever read anything quite like it.”
“Mike Rhynard takes you on a mysterious adventure filled with non stop suspense. You are truly on the edge of your seat as you work your way through this historical and creative story of surprises. The setting and character development paint such a perfect picture you often feel you are there living this adventure as it plays out.”
“Dangerous Dreams was a fantastic adventure from the beginning to the end!”
“The writing created mental visuals that were comparable to what I saw in several scenes of ‘The Last of the Mohicans,’ the TV series ‘The Vikings,’ and ‘Dances with Wolves.’”
“Dangerous Dreams! The most captivating historical fiction novel I have read to date!”
“First time author Mike Rhynard has written a riveting historical fiction. He brought life to the life and times of the lost colony of Roanoke.”
“Oh my goodness! I can’t gush enough about this book...The characters were so interesting, and the author made me care about them. I was emotionally wrapped up in this book.”


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